Fall Mountain Cruise Experience 2024


3 Days
and 2 Nights
Join Legendary Autosports for our 2024 Fall Mountain Cruise in the beautiful Carolina Mountains

Picture this – crisp fall weather is in the air, leaves are falling, you’re in your car of choice, blissfully enjoying the beautiful scenery laid out all around you and tarmac in front of you. The carefully crafted driving itinerary provided to you by Legendary Autosports, will bring hours of enjoyment while on the journey, but countless memories will be made to remember for years to come.  

Our experience has been centered around the act of driving some of the most memorable roads surrounding Greenville, South Carolina. Our Fall Mountain Cruise is not a rally or race, but rather a journey where you can enjoy the environment around you and your car simultaneously. The time of year our experience takes place is no coincidence. It was purposely selected to welcome cooler weather and to provide you with the opportunity to take in some of the region’s most picturesque Fall foliage. This region of the country will be in peak color for leaf watching during our experience.  

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Tour itinerary


  • Arrive at the luxurious Hotel Hartness in Greenville, SC where you are greeted by Legendary Autosports at 4PM for check in.
  • At 5:30, we will visit the state-of-the-art Thunder Bunny Racing (TBR) facility as their private guests.  
  • TBR are world-class racing experts with experience at legendary events like the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and countless others from well-known racing circuits around the US.
  • While onsite, we will have a behind-the-scenes opportunity to see their hi-tech facility where they service and prep the latest racing machines. We will also hear from their team about recent track experiences.
  • After our time at TBR, we will feast on a chef-prepared dinner in an elegant setting at Hotel Hartness.
  • Once dinner concludes, you can explore the beautiful resort and take in all it has to offer.


  • Breakfast will be provided onsite at Hotel Hartness
  • This morning, we’ll meet for a safety briefing before distributing our mountain cruise itinerary for the day.
  • Our planned route will carefully guide you through enjoyable roads to take in the beautiful Carolina scenery, while allowing you to enjoy your vehicle.  
  • The group itinerary will allow you to control your pace and frequency of stops, rather than a traditional lead-follow model 
  • At the mid-point of the route and day, you will have ample time to select from an assortment of privately owned and run gourmet restaurants in Highlands, NC for a tasty lunch. Be sure to explore the beautiful resort village and boutiques of Highlands before or after lunch.  
  • After you finish your time in this quaint mountain town, you will continue with the remainder of our itinerary, concluding back at Hotel Hartness. 
  • Once you complete our itinerary and return to our resort, you will have the opportunity to freshen up before we meet for another delicious chef-prepared dinner at Hotel Hartness. While we dine, we can discuss the automotive adventures we all had throughout the day.   
  • After dinner, shuttles will be provided to downtown Greenville, where you can explore the area and familiarize yourself with the interesting nightlife Greenville has to offer. There are plenty of other activities onsite at Hotel Hartness if you would prefer to stay on property during the evening.


  • You and your fellow tour participants will enjoy a luxurious brunch at Hotel Hartness to celebrate our time together.  
  • After you finish your meal, you will check out of our resort hotel and can spend the rest of your Sunday however you like.
  • Recommendations for the area will be provided.
  • If you’re interested, an additional night at Hotel Hartness can be added to your experience. Please inquire about details.                                                                                           

* Price is for two participants per car

* Space is limited to 10 cars, contact us today to discuss booking this experience

* Pricing and itinerary order subject to change

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